Learning happens best when mind and body are allowed to interact freely, without tension or pressure: Le Nid des Talents is a new safe and welcoming space in Luxembourg where students can experience a range of disciplines and discover new passions.

What is talent?

Talent is not the gift of a select few. It is innate in each one of us, a potential that we can discover from an early age. Our dream was to found a school where this philosophy could be put into practice.

Le Nid des Talents… join us on the way!

We are here to guide children in discovering and cultivating their talents, their gifts, in a safe, nurturing environment. The NdT teachers believe that learning and knowledge are very important, but equally important is the path that leads to them. A path to be explored and thoroughly enjoyed, a path which becomes a precious tool for growth and development, self-discovery and self-expression.


We know that interdisciplinarity is the best expression of co-operation in learning. That is why we would like to pool together experts and advocates of different fields and learning approaches, crossing boundaries between them… to generate a powerful synergy of knowledge, creativity and talent.

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Our venue

Our courses are taught at Altrimenti Centre Culturel.

5 avenue Marie-Thérèse
L – 2132 Luxembourg


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