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Be the creator of your life! Every journey begins with the first step!

by Marika Bulczynska

When was the last time you allowed yourself to stop and look into your inner self?

When was the last time you really immersed yourself in your inner world?

We are so used to living in a constant rush, that every slowdown makes us anxious and tense. Often, when doing one thing, we are already planning the next in our minds, we are always remembering what has already happened or planning the next steps – we are rarely present in the here and now.

But it does not have to be this way!

I invite you to my Art Empowerment workshops – let’s stop together and immerse ourselves in the here and now.

Creativity does not have to be learned, it is a gift deeply rooted in each of us.

All you need is your openness and presence.

Let each meeting be a gift that you give to yourself – your meeting with yourself. Give yourself the time, where you don’t have to do anything, but you can do everything, without hurry, without judgements, a slower and fuller time.

Each meeting will be different, unique – exactly like you!

Awaken in yourself the creative potential, dare to journey into yourself.

By allowing ourselves to slow down, we will be able to see the beauty and magic in every moment.

Do you want to be the creator of your life or a passive observer of the passing time? The choice is yours!

I am looking forward to meeting you!



Fridays 19:00-21:00

Free trial session: 17 September

Calendar first term:
1/10, 15/10, 29/10
12/11, 26/11
10/12, 17/12