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A first taste of Dalcroze Eurhythmics…for grown-ups!

Have you ever heard of Dalcroze Eurhythmics? No? Then come and try it on Friday 22 October at 19.30 at the Altrimenti Centre Culturel, building G, 1st floor, salle Belair.

Music learning is often thought of as something for our children, in fact many adults feel they may have missed the boat or they have no time to get into it.

We have been taught over and over again that music learning requires a lot of time and effort, that it isn’t for everyone, that you have to be musical to enjoy it and to play it…but is this really true? Can music not be practiced and enjoyed at face value? I firmly believe so!

Music is not simply something to study, for hours and hours, that has a place only in big concert venues, that we learn with our intellect, that challenges our understanding…and our eyesight…with those endless black dots on paper!

Music is first and foremost a performing art, a living entity that moves and moves us, every single one of us, nearly every day, in our daily life, regardless of our personal circumstances.

Hang on a minute…music moves…have you ever thought about it?

Since the beginning of time the human body has moved to and has been moved by sound. White noise and special frequences can calm down heart rate, marching music incites us to move our legs, our favourite big band piece makes us tap our foot on the floor or our hand on our knee, our favourite song moves our soul and makes us cry or smile…

Music is intrinsically linked to our body and soul, it moves us inside and also on the outside.

Dalcroze Eurhythmics starts from this link: it uses sound as a way into music, to establish a strong link between what we hear and how we respond.

Eurhythmics is certainly the most natural way to learn “music” and “about music” through our body and senses. But it is, most importantly, a powerful tool to learn about ourselves, our bodies, how they move in space and in relation to others. Music can become an inspiration for movement and a way of connecting ourselves with our physical self, our heart and soul, and with each other.

Through Eurhythmics we experience how to be in the moment, how to connect with our inner and outer self through music, and, with practice, it guides us to express it through movement in space, with others, cooperatively, creatively and expressively.

Come and experience it for yourself!

Do I need to be a musician to attend? Not at all, but if you are one, do come too as this will blow your mind and turn your musical world upside down 🙃

Do I need any equipment? Your body, your senses, your bare feet and your openness…that’s it!

What’s the cost? The workshop is run by our in-house Dalcroze Eurhythmics teacher on a voluntary basis. For the families of our current students this workshop is free of charge, for everyone else we ask for a contribution of 10€ per person to help us cover the hall rental.

Is there a maximum number of attendees? As this is a movement activity, our 60m2 hall allows us to welcome up to 10 adults (all wearing a mask) in the room.

How do I register? If you would like to attend, please send us a message via the contact page (on the drop down menu select “Giusi Mazzella”).

Cancellations. If after registration you change your mind, we kindly ask you to let us know immediately so we can open up your space to someone else.

Do you have any further queries? Get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you!