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Practice challenge!

Dear families and friends of our Nest of Talents, it is nearly springtime and we are in fervent preparation for our next term. 

One of our goals as music teachers is to motivate our students’ regular practice, a vital daily appointment for any musician.

Inspired by the European Suzuki Association, we had planned to follow their initiative, and challenged our students to a sponsored practice project for 100 days, the funds raised would be donated to the project ‘give a child a teacher‘.

However, given the war and humanitarian emergency, the international community that makes up Le Nid des Talents,  feels very strongly that our efforts should go to support the people of Ukraine, and to that aim we will donate all sponsorship money raised to Médecins sans Frontières and their relief work in Ukraine.

We know that our students, though often very young, are also following events with concern and, unfortunately, sometimes fear. We hope that with such an initiative they will feel they are part of the solution, through hard work and dedication to their music, which brings us together beyond borders, race or culture. 

We know many people want to help, and many already are, in so many ways. As musicians we would like to make our contribution in a special way, and would be delighted if even people who are not affiliated to our school decided to encourage our students in this effort. 

We wholeheartedly hope we can show our students that their daily dedication and hard work can make a small, but real difference to the problems we face.

If you would like to sponsor a music student of Le Nid des Talents asbl, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form, we would be very happy to hear from you!

Many thanks on behalf of all our students and the team of Le Nid des Talents